Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is my candle throwing a black smoke? Have you trimmed your wick before burning? A wick that is too long will produce a dark smoke.
  2. Do you offer bulk discounts? We do! We sell at wholesale pricing starting at a minimum of 24 pieces of one scent/style. Please email for info.
  3. Can you donate candles? We will consider donating a candle or two for advertising purposes, but because we are such a small company, we are unable to donate large orders. We would be happy to sell at wholesale prices when buying 24 units of the same size.
  4. Do you have local pick up available? We do! You will find a local pickup option at the end of the checkout process.
  5. Where is your store located? What are your hours? We do not yet have a storefront. You may order online, or check out our Stockists page to find a retailer closest to you!