Meet the Maker

Brittney | Owner

About Hamilton Wax Co.

Hamilton Wax Co. is a handmade candle company based in Hamilton Park, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We hand pour richly scented, soy wax candles in small batches. All candles are proudly vegan and phthalate free. Each candle includes 100% American grown soy wax, fragrance oils, and lead free cotton eco friendly wicks. This small business was started in an 850 sq. ft. home that was built in the 30's for the Hamilton Watch Factory workers and their families.

At Hamilton Wax Co, our mission is the spirit of community, where all are welcome to gather, share, and create lasting memories. We believe in the power of candlelight to transform small gatherings into cozy and intimate moments turned cherished memories. Our candles are not just products; they are an invitation to bring warmth and style to your home. With a commitment to fostering connections, we strive to create an inclusive space where everyone can find joy in the simple pleasure of spending time together. Join us in embracing the beauty of shared moments, home styling, and the comforting glow that brings people closer.

About the founder, Brittney Hippensteel

Currently, Brittney is the sole employee of Hamilton Wax Co. She is the product specialist, package designer, candle pourer, customer service, and shipping department. With her background in graphic design and photography, she wanted to be able to build a creative business of her own.