2024 New Year Refresh

The new year is here, and as we’ve been in hibernation mode, the desire to cleanse and purge our home has taken hold, inspiring a fresh start and a clutter-free sanctuary for the coming months. Read below for 5 tips to inspire a a fresh start in 2024.

  1. Closet Overhaul: Start the new year with a fresh wardrobe by decluttering your closet. Donate or sell items you no longer need, and organize your clothes by category and color. Consider adding our Hamilton Wax Co. candles to your closet shelves to infuse a delightful fragrance while maintaining order.

  2. Deep Clean and Rotate Linens: Give your home a winter refresh by deep cleaning areas often overlooked. Wash and rotate your linens, including bedding, curtains, and throws.

  3. Tech Detox and Organization: Streamline your digital life by decluttering your devices. Delete unnecessary files, organize your desktop, and update your software.

  4. Pantry Purge and Meal Planning: Clean out your pantry and refrigerator to make room for healthy food choices in the new year. Donate non-perishables you won't use, and create an organized system for easy access. Accompany your kitchen cleaning routine with the delightful scent of a Hamilton Wax Co. Vanilla Bean candle, adding a touch of sweetness to your cooking space.

  5. Home Office Revamp: Refresh your home office for increased productivity. Declutter your desk, organize paperwork, and create a designated space for office supplies. Infuse the area with the calming fragrance of a Hamilton Wax Co. Lavender Vanilla candle to create a serene and focused work environment.